Bucerias expats (and mutts) support spay and neuter initiative

A full house of Bucerias expats and their furry best friends gathered recently to raise funds for the local spay and neuter initiative known here as “Paws & Claws.”

What a success … more than 24,000 pesos were raised in a matter of three hours. That’s about $1,700 Canadian.

Unchecked canine reproduction resulting in an unmanageable population of starving, neglected animals was a huge problem here for many years as it is in other centres. Efforts by expats to fund spay and neuter clinics has helped turn that around.


Dogs & Paws is supported by Amigos de Bucerias, a Mexican-registered charity composed of energetic residents – many Canadians – uniting to make Bucerias a good place to visit, work and live. The association president Rick Kranefuss was emcee for the event.

Carmelo proudly wears his “Winner” medal for showing up and being widely considered the neatest dog not to come first in any category.

Of course, “South of 20” mascot Carmelo was registered in several marvelous mutt competitions including best tail wagger and strangest breed.

The best Carmelo could do was a second place finish in the tail wagging contest (and a bag of dried liver treats). We were proud of him.



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